10 November 2007

Stacks in Leopard

One cool thing about a stack: you can click on its Dock icon, then drag a file. I’ve found this especially handy with the Downloads folder: you can drag a file right to the Trash, or to the Dock icon of an application you want to open it in.

I’ve written before about how the Downloads stack is useful because you can sort by date added. It’s thus easy to get at whatever I most recently downloaded. (I set this stack to View as Fan because it looks cooler, and because I have over 200 items. There’s really no point in seeing the whole thing in a menu.)

Although stacks can be fun and useful, sometimes the old standard menu was handier (especially if you had a folder of folders in the Dock). It would be great if the menu were View as > Fan | Grid | Menu — don’t get rid of stacks, but let us use the old way as well.

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David Dunham said...

Looks like my suggestion to add List is being adopted: http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/07/12/20/apple_to_tweak_stacks_in_mac_os_x_leopard_10_5_2_update.html