14 May 2009

Gladwell on Basketball (and defeating Goliath)

I always enjoy Malcolm Gladwell’s topics, and his latest New Yorker article “How David Beats Goliath” is no exception.

I think it also explains why I don’t find basketball as interesting as say hockey. Only half the time is spent doing something interesting — the game is played on about 48 feet of a 94 foot court.

09 May 2009

RPG Technology

Ran into an interesting post "10 Useful Pieces of Gaming Technology" and just had to call out the Abulafia Random Generators. These sorts of tables are always fun (where else would you learn that Bruce Schneier once factored a prime number?), and often quite useful to spark creativity.

04 May 2009

HeroQuest blog

Moon Design has started a blog in support of their HeroQuest line. It’s a good place to read about release schedules (the worldwide release of HeroQuest is July), upcoming products, and designer notes. I’ve been writing some of the latter.