14 August 2007

Big Bills

Other iPhone users have written about the voluminous bill AT&T sends, documenting each byte of your free data plan. An obvious solution is to switch to paperless billing. However, I greatly prefer a paper bill. It actually makes things easier to track, because I have a physical token.

I asked AT&T if there was a solution, and received:

Unfortunately, we are unable to exclude certain aspects of your wireless
bill statement. You have the option of receiving a summary bill that 
will only display the summary of your billed charges; however, this will
omit all of the details of your bill. This includes call, messaging, and
data details. To request this summary bill, you can contact customer 
care by calling 800-331-0500, 611 from your wireless device, or by 
creating a new email from www.att.com/wireless via the myWireless page. 

I don’t know if this will work or not. I do want call details. (I don’t make all that many calls, especially not compared to EDGE usage, so for me this doesn’t generate a long bill.)

Maybe if enough people complain, they’ll give us a better option that’s not all or nothing.

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