08 August 2007

Apple Wireless Keyboard

For years I’ve been requesting that Apple make a small keyboard again. Now they have, and I can’t use it! My desktop machine doesn’t have BlueTooth (and my laptop already has a small keyboard). This is really a bummer, since I’d love to regain the desk space. (I’m actually using an old semi-compact keyboard, with just the numeric pad but no arrow key block in the middle. But even that’s bigger than it needs to be.)

It’s probably possible to get a BlueTooth adapter, but that will add to the cost, which is already a little high.

I’m also a little surprised at some of the key assignments they made. It looks like Exposé is now F3 -- it’s been F9 since it was released. And the sound keys have moved from F3-F5 (on the MacBook Pro) to F10-F12.

Worse is that there’s no Enter key (unlike the MacBook Pro). I don’t miss a numeric pad, but I do use Enter (since it’s not the same as Return on a Mac).

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