04 March 2008

Backing Up

The initial backup of my MacBook Air (about 38 GB) took about 5 hours, via AirPort (802.11n), to a Time Capsule.

Well, that’s not strictly true. It took an extra day, because I’d accidentally reset the Time Capsule in the middle of backing up. Apple warned that such an interruption would take a long time for Time Machine to validate the backup the next time. I let this run overnight and it hadn’t completed by morning. So I reformatted the Time Capsule’s hard disk.

Tonight I started a brand new backup, and that’s what took 5 hours. When I add other machines, I’ll make sure to have them wired, and try real hard not to interrupt!

I think this may actually have been the fastest way to back up the MacBook Air — it reports a wireless rate of 130 (I assume that's Mbit/s, which is faster than using the USB Ethernet connector, which maxes out at 100BASE-T).

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