17 February 2008


Due to a project at work, I created a Facebook account.

It’s certainly a much prettier experience than MySpace (which I was familiar with mostly via teenager web sites). And not at all the same as the more professionally-oriented LinkedIn (which I’d been using before).

Facebook seems to be geared around applications, and my biggest peeve is not being able to preview applications. I’ve got to way to “try before I buy in” — I have to give the application access without being able to try out the user experience. Accordingly, I’ve added very few applications, and actively ignore requests from friends.

On the one hand, I admire their viral nature — great way to spread. But I just don’t feel informed enough to want to spread them myself. And in particular, I won’t spread the word in advance (like the awful “What iPod are you?” which requires you to provide the names of 9 friends to even take the test).

I don’t know how to provide a link to me, but if you use Facebook, feel free to hook up.

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