07 July 2007

Syncing New Events From iPhone

I ran into a bug where an event I created on my iPhone ended up in a read-only calendar (i.e. one I’d subscribed to) in iCal.

After filing the bug (rdar://5319313), I played around some more and found a workaround.

I had chosen (via iTunes) to sync “All calendars.” If I changed the setting to “Selected calendars” and then checked all the calendars, new events created on my iPhone ended up in the calendar I’d actually selected.


NT said...

I've never had a problem with syncing "all calendars."

What I do is put all new iPhone-created events into an "iPhone" calendar and then reassign them as appropriate on my desktop.

This has worked flawlessly from the beginning.

David Dunham said...

Others have reported the same issue -- it's only a real problem if the last calendar on your desktop machine is read-only.